Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Our topic...Community!

We are looking at "Community" as our topic for the rest of the year. We began our topic by asking what is a community? We looked at a few pictures and had a class discussion to determine whether or not is was a community. We had some funny pictures in there that generated good justifications! This is what we thought were community vs non-community.
We weren't sure about the pictures in the middle, but the rest we thought were a community!
We stood in a line to show our knowledge of community. Some weren't too sure so stood right down the end towards the window- we spread ourselves along the continuum according to where we thought we were on a scale of not a lot of knowledge about communities- to expert! We will try this again at the end of the term, hopefully we've all moved along a little bit!

Our class continuum!

We have recently been working on a shared slide. Each of us chose a different "community" to display on a google drawing. Some of us choose communities of animals, our families, sports teams etc. Check them out on the slide below!

We are now breaking down the concept of community in terms of 'roles and responsibilies' first we are looking at the different roles in our families. Stay tuned to see some of these!


  1. Its Addison here and this was fun to do for homework for me i am not sure if other people liked doing it for home work but i did.

  2. great pesintascon i like it all it is amazing