Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Matariki Masterpieces

We have been learning about Matariki in class. For reading, we are doing research on elements of Matariki and why we celebrate it. We are creating our own learning based off different readings and videos that we have watched. This is the resource that we are using for our learning.


Ngakaunui have also been talking about setting goals, aspirations, or wishes for the Maori new year as this is recognised at Matariki. Here are some of the artworks we have completed to display these. More will be uploaded as they are completed...


  1. hi ngakaunui i am linny was it fun doing this wonderful art about matariki it is so beautiful it is so so sooo amazing

  2. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui,
    WOW, you have been doing some incredible learning, creating and sharing around Matariki. Lots of schools I am visiting are delving deeper into Matariki and continuing their learning. I love artwork based on the Matariki stars you have created. I imagine they look great hanging in your class. How do you celebrate Matariki with your whānau?

  3. Wow! I love your artwork and I also love your multi modal learning. There is so much valuable learning in there but also room to inspire further learning. I am sure you have all enjoyed this unit.

  4. Hey Ngakaunui!
    I love your artwork!
    I like how you ut your wishes inside the stars!
    Next time you could you could add some more stars into your blog post!

  5. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui
    Wow what a amazing stars you have I like how you have but your wishes on them.
    Maybe Next time Matariki comes around you can add more stars. Bye for now

  6. kia ora it is Angus I like the way you put your artwork in the blog post BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!

  7. Kia ora Te Ropu Ngakaunui! Zoey here,
    I really like your art work it's quite beautiful! I really like it and I hope next year when I am not here you do something even more amazing! And I use that Matariki drawing too! Maybe next time when you do art you could do like maybe something like what we have done.
    Blog U Later! :D

  8. Hello Ngakaunui its Skyla here
    I love how you guys put in to your Matariki stars a wish brilliant idea.
    I absolutely love the artwork.
    Maybe next time you could show us more absolutely brilliant artworks.