Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mack Comes To School

We had a special guest today.. Mr Mack Templeton! (and his mum)

Mrs Templeton brought in Mack so that we could finally meet him. What a cute baby! He's now 5 months old and looking more and more like his big brother Beau. We had a fun morning passing him around, Mack loved the attention and was super chilled.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Making The Most Of This Weather!

Wow! What beautiful weather we have been having lately. One afternoon we decided to make the most of this by taking our Duffy Books outside and reading under the trees.

Look at those independent readers!

It was interesting to see the girls in our class doing this so silently and independently, and the boys all sat in a circle and listened to me read a story for them. It was a beautiful way to end the day, and something we will do more often as the weather gets better and better heading into Summer.

A Day on the Slopes

We went Skiing!

What a great day some of us had up Mt Hutt. It was beautiful weather and even better company. A big bunch of us took to the slopes on Wednesday. We had a ball. The students did a great job, and for some it was their first time seeing snow. We all had a go on the magic carpet, some of us even went up the chairlift with Mr Boyd..super brave!
Bring on next years trip.

Looking good Ms Raisin
Excited for the day ahead of us.
Stunner of a day
Nalanee was a natural
Miss Johnstone and Ms Raisin showing the students how it's done

Random Acts of Kindness Week

Our resource

A couple of weeks ago we had Random Acts of Kindness Week at our school. Each day we focused on Making Someone's Day- our school value. Mr Wilkinson even got involved, and organised a coffee cart for parents in the morning. On Friday we had a whole day of this. We had a letterbox set up on the field and we all had to write letters for people around the school. These then got delivered in the afternoon!

Collecting the letters up to deliver
So many letters!

We then decided we wanted to Make People's Day in our community. On Friday afternoon we wrote notes for our neighbours- they said things like "You have a nice garden" "I hope this makes you smile". We wandered around the streets and put these notes in peoples letterboxes. The next week, a lady replied and said we had made her day... a great feeling!

Lovely notes ready to be delivered to letterboxes around our school.

What students said about RAOK Week:

"I liked it when people did nice things for me such as holding the door opened for me."- Benaiah

"I liked it when students were nicer to be than usual."- Lachlan

"Random Acts of Kindness Week was fun because we got to do nice things for everybody and that made me feel good!" - Shyla

"When I got a reply from the note I put in someone's letterbox I felt happy because I liked that someone appreciated what I wrote." - Mikayla

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ngakaunui Personality Traits

Today in Kiwi Can we were looking at personality traits. 
We are all different. Katie and Owen did an activity with us where they asked a question, and we had to go to different corners of the room to show what our answer would be. At the end of the activity, we added up our letters (either L, O, B, or G) and whatever letter we had most of related to an animal which we were most like. 

L= Lion
O= Otter
B= Beaver
G= Golden Retriever

Back in class we researched the personality traits for each animal, and we reckon they really summed us up! We have a lot of Golden Retrievers in Ngakaunui- which is lucky because they are pretty cute! Check out our personality traits below.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

We have been learning.... symmetry!

For Numeracy in Ngakaunui we are beginning to look at symmetry. First we looked at some images and had to decide whether or not they were symmetrical or asymmetrical. We then found our own images and made a google drawing to show these.

Benaiahs Google Drawing to show symmetry. You can find more on our individual blogs.
Miss Johnstone gave us each a popsicle stick with a design on it, we had 20 seconds to find the popsicle stick that was symmetrical to ours. This was then our buddy for the next activity. We had to look at shapes on Google Drawing and decide how many lines of symmetry they had. What shape had the most? What shape had the least?

Courtney and Lexi's image to show different lines of symmetry.

The next task was to create symmetrical name masterpieces! We had to write our name nice and big on one half of a folded piece of paper. We then learnt the rubbing technique and this imprinted our name on the other half. We vivided over our names, and then decorated it and they ended up looking a bit like bugs. We had to use colour to make our names symmetrical and like a mirror image. Check them out below.

Fairy tales

We are a pretty arty bunch in Ngakaunui and enjoy being creative. For the last two weeks in literacy we have been looking at Fairy tales. Miss Johnstone was extremely surprised that we hadn't heard of a lot of them so we spent some time reading and finding out what our favourite one was. In groups, we rewrote a fairy tale, changed parts to make improvements, and illustrated our pages. We are now in the process of turning these pages into a book. we have retold Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Puss in Boots, The Ugly Duckling and more!

We have loved retelling these stories and reading fairy tales so much that we decided to create some fairytale artworks. These were originally supposed to be based off our favourite fairytale characters but we got a bit carried away and as soon as we mentioned Harry Potter Miss Johnstone said we could choose any book characters as well!

We found an image of the character that we wanted to turn ourselves into, and then Miss Johnstone took photos of us posing like them. The photos were printed off and we used pastel to completely colour over it and turn ourselves into the characters. They look pretty amazing and Mr Wilkinson is even going to put a display up in his office.

Ngakaunui's favourite book characters