Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kiwi Can Debates

In Kiwi Can we have been learning to listen to each other. We talked about the fact that often at times, we may have a different opinion to someone else. This doesn't matter though, we can still be friends even if we think differently. Katie gave the example that Owen's favourite pizza flavour may be pepperoni. If Katie's favourite is Hawaiian and hates pepperoni does that mean they can't be friends? No, they just might not go out for pizza together!
In life there is often times when people have different opinions to us. To illustrate this we did a debate. We got into teams of 3, and had to argue different moots. One team's moot was McDonald's was the best food ever. We had to argue for and against this. It was a pretty fun task and Owen was our judge. We had a blast!

Our Debate Set Up
Having a discussion about opinions.


  1. Hi It's Kaycee i enjoyed the part when we were sitting on the charis and when we had to say about chasers and about mckadounds. you brought me back to when we played that at this place and you just rumthed me about it next time we could put more in a group. blog you later!!

  2. Ngakaunui it's me linny did all of you had fun it was amazing when we got 20 out of 20 we learnt very carefully let's try hard so we can get a 21 out of 21.

  3. hi it me Benaiah i liked the way Conner put the headband on Kaycee did you no you can actually get blind by playing video games great l like how you got Conner with the headband i need to go so by

  4. Hey Miss J, Shyla here!
    You're right, you can hear my laugh anywhere!
    You brought me back to when I was debating that Maccas was the worst food EVER! And in that last video that laugh was funny!I like how you did the presentation in the post.
    Blog ya later!

  5. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui,
    Debates sure can be fun! It is interesting when you have to create an argument when you don't believe what you are arguing for! I could never imagine agreeing with anyone that McDonalds is the best food ever! Which team was the winner of this debate?

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    2. Hey Tania, Shyla from Te Ropu Ngakaunui!
      There was no winner,it was a tie!As I was part of it.But it was fun! Thank you for asking a question! I enjoyed answering this for you.
      Blog ya later Tania!