Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Remembering our Anzac Soldiers

For the last few afternoons this Term, Ngakaunui have been doing some research on Anzac Day. To do this we have been using this website walking with an anzac. Miss Johnstone found a box of old souvenirs and items that belonged to Anzac Soldiers. We had a look through and each picked one that inspired us in some way. We went on the site, and found the picture that matched our item. From here, we researched our soldiers story.

Having a look through the items in the box
Choosing our item. Which one to choose??
We have uncovered a lot of interesting stories about our Anzac soldiers. For example, Harold Hallenstein (Zantae's soldier) was the son of the man who owned Hallenstein brothers. Did you know that Hallensteins provided our soldiers the uniforms that they wore to war??

Here are some snippets of our work. To see more information check out our individual class blogs!

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