Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May the fourth be with you...

We had a fun day at Gilby on Friday. It was Star Wars Day! What a great reason to have a muft day. Kids, and teachers dressed up in either their favourite Star Wars or Superhero costume! These made for some great snaps. What a cool day.

The Gilby staff love a dress up day.

Superman and Superwoman!
A pretty cool looking Princess Leia!! Suits you Miss Waho.


  1. Oh how lovely and sweet I am with my hair like that.

  2. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui,
    It looked like you had so much fun at your Star Wars Day. I really miss not getting to work with Gilberthorpe School anymore. I think I would have come as Chewbacca. Was Mr Wilkinson the Bounty Hunter and did Miss Wahoo find Hans Solo?

  3. Hi It's me Addison That look dose suti miss waho.

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  5. Hi im Addison all of the teachers look so cool but you can try it with same kids that look the same and maybe do it in front of the school were the playground is.

  6. Kia ora, this is Nalanee
    I really enjoyed the cool photos you put on here.This reminded me of when we we had are muffi day. Next time you could try adding more writing on and what we did.
    Why did you want to do the blog post.
    Blog you later!

  7. Talofa lava Courtney here.all of the teachers look amazing,I enjoyed the part when Miss Waho had princess leia's hair she looked beautiful and funny,when i saw and read your post i thought this is going to be funny and amazing so i clicked on it,next time you could write a bit more?Thats me blog you latter

  8. Hello, This is Stephanie and this is very exciting to see in your blogspot, it was really sunny that day. I loved that time when we were dressed in costumes, I was dressed as a doll but my dad thought I was a student from the haunted school (the labyrinth called school) Really terrifying to me, You can also add a slide of photos and make how funny the joke was (May the fource be with you)