Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May the fourth be with you...

We had a fun day at Gilby on Friday. It was Star Wars Day! What a great reason to have a muft day. Kids, and teachers dressed up in either their favourite Star Wars or Superhero costume! These made for some great snaps. What a cool day.

The Gilby staff love a dress up day.

Superman and Superwoman!
A pretty cool looking Princess Leia!! Suits you Miss Waho.


  1. Oh how lovely and sweet I am with my hair like that.

  2. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui,
    It looked like you had so much fun at your Star Wars Day. I really miss not getting to work with Gilberthorpe School anymore. I think I would have come as Chewbacca. Was Mr Wilkinson the Bounty Hunter and did Miss Wahoo find Hans Solo?