Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Strand Math- Measurement

In week one, Ngakaunui spent the week focusing on Measurement for Numeracy. We learnt how to measure in cm and mm. We even made our own cm rulers to help us. We made a list together of things that we would like to measure. First up, we measured our hands. We found out that Courtney has the biggest hands, and Logan has the smallest.

We put our hands in order from small to big

We decided to see if this was the same with Ngakaunui feet... it was not!

We then decided to measure other parts of ourselves. We created a slide, using our cm rulers we measured our arms, face, eyes and smile! Check these slides out on our blog.

Zantae using Te Mihaea's ruler to measure his face.

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  1. Hi this is stephanie and I really like the pictures of us measuring, and when we measured ourselves we also did the foot one, my favourite part is when we made the slides it was really great, I think a was almost the one with the smallest hand it sounded pretty obvious, but me and linny were almost the same but mikayla's hand is shorter than mine but she's taller than me ( a bit confusing though) anyways, Bye for now