Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ngakaunui Personality Traits

Today in Kiwi Can we were looking at personality traits. 
We are all different. Katie and Owen did an activity with us where they asked a question, and we had to go to different corners of the room to show what our answer would be. At the end of the activity, we added up our letters (either L, O, B, or G) and whatever letter we had most of related to an animal which we were most like. 

L= Lion
O= Otter
B= Beaver
G= Golden Retriever

Back in class we researched the personality traits for each animal, and we reckon they really summed us up! We have a lot of Golden Retrievers in Ngakaunui- which is lucky because they are pretty cute! Check out our personality traits below.


  1. Hi Miss jonthston i can't believe i was an otter but otters are cute so yea and you are a golden retriever. bye got to go do more work.

  2. Kia ora Te Rōpū Ngākaunui.
    I loved this activity in Kiwi Can today. I was a Golden Retriever. I like how you did some more work about it back in class. We haven't yet but I think we will do something similar to what you did. Thanks for sharing. I hope you all learned something about yourselves today.

  3. Tena Kotou Te Rōpū Ngākaunui,
    WOW this looks like a really interesting activity to do. By reading the qualities of each personality trait, I think I would be an Otter. What kinds of questions did Katie and Owen ask you?