Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness Week

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A couple of weeks ago we had Random Acts of Kindness Week at our school. Each day we focused on Making Someone's Day- our school value. Mr Wilkinson even got involved, and organised a coffee cart for parents in the morning. On Friday we had a whole day of this. We had a letterbox set up on the field and we all had to write letters for people around the school. These then got delivered in the afternoon!

Collecting the letters up to deliver
So many letters!

We then decided we wanted to Make People's Day in our community. On Friday afternoon we wrote notes for our neighbours- they said things like "You have a nice garden" "I hope this makes you smile". We wandered around the streets and put these notes in peoples letterboxes. The next week, a lady replied and said we had made her day... a great feeling!

Lovely notes ready to be delivered to letterboxes around our school.

What students said about RAOK Week:

"I liked it when people did nice things for me such as holding the door opened for me."- Benaiah

"I liked it when students were nicer to be than usual."- Lachlan

"Random Acts of Kindness Week was fun because we got to do nice things for everybody and that made me feel good!" - Shyla

"When I got a reply from the note I put in someone's letterbox I felt happy because I liked that someone appreciated what I wrote." - Mikayla

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