Thursday, August 2, 2018

We have been learning.... symmetry!

For Numeracy in Ngakaunui we are beginning to look at symmetry. First we looked at some images and had to decide whether or not they were symmetrical or asymmetrical. We then found our own images and made a google drawing to show these.

Benaiahs Google Drawing to show symmetry. You can find more on our individual blogs.
Miss Johnstone gave us each a popsicle stick with a design on it, we had 20 seconds to find the popsicle stick that was symmetrical to ours. This was then our buddy for the next activity. We had to look at shapes on Google Drawing and decide how many lines of symmetry they had. What shape had the most? What shape had the least?

Courtney and Lexi's image to show different lines of symmetry.

The next task was to create symmetrical name masterpieces! We had to write our name nice and big on one half of a folded piece of paper. We then learnt the rubbing technique and this imprinted our name on the other half. We vivided over our names, and then decorated it and they ended up looking a bit like bugs. We had to use colour to make our names symmetrical and like a mirror image. Check them out below.


  1. 你好 its latoiya amazing work on your Symmetry great work on capital letters and Full stops Maybe next time make a video on how to do symmetry Blog you later

  2. Kia Ora Te Ropu Ngakaunui,
    you have done some amazing work with you artwork I really like the colours you have used . bye for now - Rodeshar.