Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Leadership with Owen and Katie

For the last couple of leadership lessons we have been learning different aspects of leadership. We have been talking about encouragement and helping others. Last week we played a game called Minefield where we had to navigate the whole class through a route of hoops. Owen had a map drawn out on a piece of paper which was a secret! It was a game of trial and error but we made it in the end and it was nice to see the whole classes encouragement and support of others.
This week we were split into two teams and we got given 3 hoops. We pretended we were crossing a river. We supported each other to get across the river, if we fell out of the hoop we had to go back to the beginning. Katie then made it harder for us by replacing a hoop with a tote tray! There was a lot of falling out and a few injuries but it was very impressive to see the perseverance with a tough task. We didn't think the students could do it but they proved us wrong!!
Here's a few pics of the last few weeks of Kiwi Can:

Katie and Owen and their little helper Connor!

Making our way across the's a race!

Holding onto each other tight so we don't fall out!

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