Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Fun times at Kiwi Can

Today in Kiwi Can we talked about conflict and resolution. We played Miss Johnstone's favourite game where you get given a name of a person or a thing and you need to ask questions to solve who you've got. We held these to our foreheads and talked about the difference of open and closed questions. Some of these were pretty funny!

An orange, Beyonce, and Mickey Mouse
Hamburger, Santa Claus and a sheep!
Meet Taylor Swift and Sleeping Beauty


  1. i like the one where i have sheepon my head

  2. Hi this is Stephanie and I really like the game on kiwi can, When I played Shyla said I wasn't candy but I was, I was chocolate, My next one was cookie monster and she laughed and I didn't understand her, I was wondering a question but I couldn't think of one, I love the pictures though,

  3. Jambo ngakuanui i liked this kiwi can lesson because we got to play the game i all was wounded to play and i got to yay. next time we could make it a bit harder

  4. hi addison brodi miss johnstone kaycee banah kian jonte riley i am linny you guys look amazing in all those picture's you guys look more amazing than amazing