Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Proactive Life Skills

Check out what we have been doing in class this week.....


  1. awesome job on making this slide it looked really cool:)

  2. This is great miss johnstone I really laughed when isaiah made well tried to make alizae laugh but great JOB!

  3. great work miss johnstone! I really like the pictures and the video when isaiah tried to make alizae laugh!

  4. Kia ora Tawa Class
    I have heard about how great this programme is and how much you guys love it. This will be so good for you in life, not just at school but everywhere you go. Unfortunately I couldn't open the videos so I will have a look again when I am back at school. Hopefully one day I can pop out and watch.
    Have a great day!

  5. Kia Ora Tawa Class
    That looks like fun, did you like it? I couldn't see the video thoe. That slide looks pretty cool, did you know that nigel who was teaching you was my dad's friend.
    Blog you later.