Thursday, August 10, 2017

We Are Making People's Days!

This term our school value is Make Someone's Day.

We have been talking about what this means, so far we have studied Empathy, and Caring for others. In our classroom this term we have a letterbox. In here we are posting letters to students/teachers all around the school in order to make their day. Some students from other classes have been coming in in the mornings to write letters too! We think that this is a good way to show our values! On Fridays we have been delivering these around.. keep an eye on the post and maybe it'll be your turn next! 

Look at our awesome letterbox!
Peter made Tane's day with the letter he wrote him
Just look at the smile on Tane's face :)

An example of a beautifully written letter from Lachlan to Rory in Rimu... Rory even wrote him a reply!

We have been enjoying writing these letters and seeing the smiles that we can put on peoples faces when they open them. What a great way to make somebody's day!

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