Monday, June 12, 2017

Term 2 Kiwi Can

This term our Kiwi Can module is Positive Communication and we are working on co-operation. We have been working on supporting and encouraging each other in the classroom. One thing we have been focusing on is praising each other. We have been polishing compliments which then help our work improve. We have been doing lots of cool activities to help us with our communication.. we built card towers with a buddy and made sure to speak nicely to each other. We also had our legs tied together and had to work to communicate how to walk... it was tricky and funny!

These are a few of our Kiwi Can highlights so far this term

"My favourite thing about Kiwi Can is the catchphrase we sing every session. It goes like this, Kiwi Can Says co-operation is a team operation. Side by side we will not divide!" - Cayleigh

"I like the wall that shows us each classes points, Tawa gets lots"- Levi

"I like playing the games, they are all fun but I like the shark one best!" - Payton

"I like talking about the themes and what they mean"- Ruavai

"I like that Reece and Katie join in and have fun with us!"- Courtney


  1. Bula vinaka Tawa Class Sita here!
    It is so fun at Kiwi Can the activities are awesome! It looks like you guys are working very good togerther and having a lot of fun! I like how you toke pictures to show other schools what it looks like! It is kind of funny because we are kind of competing with eachother haha. I have a question... what time does your class go? We go first thing in the morning!
    Anyway keep up the GREAT work!
    Blog ya later!!

  2. Kia ora Tawa Class.
    It is Miss Waho from up the corridor. It is great to see you guys getting into Kiwi Can activities and learning lots of skills needed in life.

  3. Hi Tawa class Tyler here.
    I like that your saying what you liked about it.
    Next time could you say more stuff.