Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Treaty of Te Ropu Ngakaunui

In class we have been learning about the Treaty of Waitangi. We have had many discussions, watched videos and done our own research on what was involved on this important day way back in 1840.

The work we have been doing on the Treaty of Waitangi
We read the Tree hut treaty and then decided to make our own. In small groups, we brainstormed different ideas about expectations from all different people, such as, ourselves, our parents, our teachers, Mr Wilkinson, and even our cleaners. Miss Johnstone put the some of these ideas together to form our class Treaty. Nalanee and Nazif stained it with tea and coffee because we wanted it to resemble an old document like the Treaty of Waitangi. Miss Johnstone then (carefully) burnt the edges, and her fingers, to give it an old look. We think it looks great and it takes pride of place on our wall! We also created class portraits to put around it and act as our signatures. There were hundreds of people who signed the Treaty of Waitangi.. so we didn't have quite as many!

Look at how fantastic it looks up on the wall...

Te Tiriti o Te Ropu Ngakaunui


  1. Tena koutou Te Ropu Ngakaunui. Thats awesome! It looks cool. We really like the way that you have drawn self portraits as a signature. This reminds us of the tree house treaty and the class treaty we made. Our teacher use coffee as well. How long did it take to make? Next time you could make the text bigger. See you again keep up the good work.
    From Nikaup, Nikau D And Layken.