Thursday, September 21, 2017

Tawa Class Green Thumbs

We have been pretty lucky in Tawa Class.. A couple of weeks ago Miss Johnstone was sent a kit of the New World Little Gardens. If you haven't heard of these they are a collection of seedlings that you can get when you spend a certain amount of money at the supermarket. It comes with a biodegradeable pot, seeds and a soil tablet that you use to plant your seeds. We were gifted 30 of these! Enough for each of us to have one (plus a couple of spares that we gave to others around the school). We were given flowers like sweet pea, sunflowers, and purple tansy.

We researched how to care for our plant such as what it needs, how much to water it, and when it needs repotting. We then sat back and watched.... in only 6 days we saw the first signs of life. It was the Purple Tansys that sprouted first! A couple of days later the Sunflowers began to sprout.. then a couple of days after that we saw a green shoot coming from the Sweet Pea pots.

In 3 weeks our Little Gardens have shot up amazingly, we have measured and some of our plants are 5cm already. This shows that we have been awesome plant parents. It is pretty cool seeing the responsibility that the students are taking in regards to this. Each morning they are watering their plants and checking for new signs of growth. Without being asked they are adding to their slides, with new updates and measurements.

Here is our class set. If you want to see each of our slides about our own plants check our individual class blogs here

Here are our plants on day one

Day twenty-one- almost time to be repotted
Proud of our plants!

With just having moved into our new building this is great timing. Our windows face out onto a huge garden. Hopefully we can get our plants out here soon to add some colour and beauty to the back of our school.. We will keep you updated.

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  1. Kia ora Tawa Class
    I am enjoying seeing how well your plants are growing and think it will be extra cool when our garden is tidied up so you can start planting outside. I am going to organise a working bee in the holidays to tidy up and weed out the back of our hub so you can enjoy our outside space next term.