Thursday, September 14, 2017

Duffy Books!

Today was an exciting day... we got our Duffy Books!!
This morning we all went into the junior hub to listen to our Duffy Role Model Author/Illustrator Scott Tulloch. He has written and illustrated tonnes of NZ picture books. Have you heard of... I'm not a Worm? or Eating?
He showed us these and talked about what inspired him to do this job. When he was younger he was gifted the book Asterix. He now uses this to help him come up with ideas and designs for the characters in his own books.. how cool is that?!
The best part of our Duffy Assembly was DEFINITELY when Mr Tulloch drew a realistic portrait of beautiful Miss Waho. We weren't sure it looked too much like her though.. what do you reckon??
Look closely and you can see the portrait Scott Tulloch drew of Miss Waho
We were so inspired after listening to him.. I wonder how many of us will now end up being authors or illustrators... watch this space.....
The boys excited to start reading their new books!

Gemeve, Cayleigh and Lacie all chose the same stories!
We are so super lucky to get these new books given to us each term. Thanks Duffy Books!!


  1. This was such a cool Duffy Hero Assembly. What a great and talented guy. I love that portrait very, very much!!

  2. Kia ora Tawa Clas Chelsea here
    I like how you have got 3 girls that have the same books. What was your favorite book? Next time can you get one of the kids to write a story about their books. blog ya later.

  3. Hi MISS JOHNSTONE good work on this post and it is funny how most of us had the same books I enjoyed reading all of my books and I think the rest of the children would of to I read all of the pages in both books in one hour per book.