Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Term One 2017

Tawa Class 2017

Kia Ora!

Well it is already week 8 and what a great 8 weeks it has been! We have been so busy in Tawa this term that we have forgotten to post any blogs! We have enjoyed lots of fun things so far such as writing recounts, narratives and a procedure, reading heaps of exciting books, working hard on our maths, completing fitness circuits, and learning about Christchurch and different cultures as part of our topic which is "Our Place in the World." Another cool thing that we have been working on is our mihis. These are pretty special to us and we are practising them lots as we want to have them memorised so that we can introduce ourselves to other people in Maori.

Last week on Friday we had a St Patricks mufti day. It was amazing seeing the school as a sea of green. Heaps of us came wearing green wigs, green clothes, and some people even dyed their hair green for a day! It was a heap of fun and a great way to celebrate St Patricks day and the Irish culture. Here are some photos, look at how awesome we all look.... :) 

This week we have started swimming. Every afternoon we are walking to the swimming school, even if it is raining! We will be doing this for the next 2 weeks and so far we are really enjoying it. We have some teachers there who are teaching us to swim and how to be safe in the water. This is very important for us as we grow up in New Zealand. 

We are super lucky to be a part of Tawa Class this year. We are an extremely cool bunch of kids who are excited to learn new things. This terms value is respect and is something we will continue to focus on. So far we are doing a pretty good job, and our teachers think they are pretty lucky to have us!

We look forward to sharing our learning with you from now on. There are a lot of exciting things happening at Gilberthorpe this year so stay tuned!

Ka kite, from the students in Tawa Class, Miss Johnstone & Mr C


  1. It looks cool i like the photo of the class and it is awesome on st patricks day it was fun it is awesome Kai pa


  3. Kia Ora, I like this blog post about what you have been doing in term 1 I like the picture at the beginning. Now I know you do writing and reading subjects a lot! This is a cool blog post! Bye!

  4. hala tawa great job and detail

  5. Tena Koe Tawa class
    I love the blog ITS AMAZING
    You should post more often because you will get more comments!
    I was sick on ST patrick's day!
    I bet it was SUPER fun!
    From Keisha (Rata class)

  6. This is a good post in is nice knowing about your class By Shikarn

  7. Hi noah here i like that you did a title page of the year bye