Monday, November 13, 2017

Compost is Cool!

Today we went on our first Senior Hub Trip! We went to the Eco-Drop in Bromley to learn all about how to make our own compost and worm farms. This will help us when we get our garden up and running!
We were split into two groups. The first group got on the bus as soon as school started.
Eager beavers ready to go! Tyler a bit unsure.... maybe the smell was too much...

We were met by Lou and Chris who work for the Christchurch City Council. They were going to be our educators for today. First off we learnt about the 6 things that compost has...1. Warmth 
2. Oxygen
3. Green food
4. Brown food
5. Micro-organisms and ..
6. Air!

We completed activities in groups and THEN got to put our learning into practise by making our own compost. Check us out....
Nalanee, Shyla and Nirvana trying to show examples of each element of compost
Getting ready to make our compost with Chris
Camryn adding our green food layer

We learnt that compost is like Lasagne... it has a lot of different layers

Tobey with the layer of water.

The second half of our day we focused on how to make a worm farm. We were put into 4 different groups and had to complete 4 stations. At these stations we, watered the garden with worm wee (remember to dilute this so that it doesn't burn the plants!), ripped up newspaper to make a worm bed, Separated the worm castings from the worms and put the worms into their cosy beds, and took out the citrus and onions/chilli/spicy food that worms don't like.

Shikarn found a delicious slug while he was looking through the worm fams

Ruavai thought the worm wee was gross!

Shyla was a pro with it :)

Jrae making the worms a nice bed
We learnt a lot this morning and we already have to many ideas about what we can do in our own garden. What a perfect way to learn about our environment- our topic for this term. Check back in a couple of weeks to see an update from our garden!

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