Thursday, October 19, 2017


In Kiwi Can this term our module is Resilience. We are learning to demonstrate this in all learning areas as well as out in the playground.. we think it is an important trait to have!

Week One
We had to work together in teams this week. We played a MASSIVE game of naughts and crosses and had to communicate with each other. Katie and Reece talked to us about our emotions and we had to demonstrate these on our faces and bodies. Some of the emotions we had to show were angry, frustrated, confused, and happy. Leave us a comment and tell us which emotion you think the team is showing in the last photo.

"Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm sad.
Sometimes I'm angry, sometimes I'm mad.
I have to remember every day, 
to deal with these feelings in a positive way."


  1. hi it is Dani this is you should make videos about it that be awesome but awesome job bye.

  2. Hello guys and girls
    Chloe here Just checking out this amazing blog post.

    I loved this season with Katie and Reece and it is very very sad to say next weeek is Katies last week wow am I sad.

    Anyways I loved this game it was so fun.
    How did you find it?

    blog you later

  3. Hi Tawa class. It's me Elham.
    The pictures looks great and it look like you guys had lot of fun.
    I hope we can see Katie and Reece next year as well.
    Blog u Later!