Friday, May 26, 2017

Our Topic for term 2

In class we have been learning all about space as this is our topic for the term! Check out what we have been doing here. So far we have talked all about what things we need on earth for us to survive. Some of us think that aliens are real, but lots of us don't! We designed our own alien and gave them a planet and a name, we then wrote about what they needed to survive on this planet.

Today we watched videos on youtube about Chris Hadfield. He is an astronaut in space that does lots of cool things. We learnt how to brush our teeth, sleep, and make a sandwich in space. A lot of us had some really cool ideas and we all found it really interesting. We talked a lot about gravity and what we would do if we lived up there. It's amazing to think that these astronauts leave their families and live up there for so long!! People are even up there now, wow!
Check out some of Chris Hadfield's videos 
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  1. wow this is cool i have never seen this guy did you know that tres 2b is a unkown planet it is cool this blog is cool i have never watched that video it is cool. just one question did you know that pluto is a dwarf planet